Year 10 Theatricks students give outstanding performance

After learning the history of Commedia Dell'Arte and experimenting with the physicality necessary to portray a range of Commedia stock characters, students performed scenes adapted from the Carlo Goldoni play 'A Servant of Two Masters'. 

“The performances were outstanding, the characters costumes and lazzi devised by the students made for a wonderful morning of highly entertaining theatre,” IGS Teacher Megan Sampson said.
Theatricks student Madiba played Pantalone, a high-status character.

“My character likes to be in charge of everything and everyone but the thing is that he is also the shortest character in the scene so sometimes people tend to not take him seriously, to make up for this Pantalone usually likes to yell at people and always gets the last word in on an argument,” Madiba said.

“Creating our scene was quite fun as we didn’t have to worry about writing our own script so we could just mess around and improvise around the script which made for some fun physical moments.

“I enjoyed doing Commedia as it allowed me to be over the top and take my characters to an energy level of 15/10 and just have fun with my character and the actors that I was working with. Performing in the new drama space was pretty cool! Everything looks so nice and new.”