Year 10 showcases SAGE

Celebrating their SAGE "Writing the Island" trip to Tasmania, IGS Year 10 students have shared their reflections, creative works and thanks with staff and parents.

English educator Derek Patulny said “not a single negative word was spoken” throughout the week in Tasmania.

“SAGE Tasmania trip facilitates a growing process,” Derek said, commenting on students’ positive outlook throughout the week.

Students reflected on their time in the Overland trekking group, who conquered 65km in six days. Others spoke of their artistic projects on Bruny Island.

“The artworks brought us together and helped us learn about teamwork,” Sophie said.

“The beautiful moments from the trip were captured in the artworks we created.”

Two students, Leo and Ben, cooked for the entire group on Bruny Island during the week.

“The cooking was our artwork,” Leo said, adding that they created cookbooks of their favourite foods from Bruny Island.

The students thanked SAGE program initiator, Principal Shauna Colnan, along with their parents and staff.

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