Year 10 on the right track

Year 10 IGS students participated in a BStreetSmart safe driving presentation this week.

The sessions forms a crucial component of the driving section of the Term 3 PDHPE Program, The Next Chapter.

Hosted by CareFlight co-founder Dr Ken Harrison, the program is designed to educate young people about road safety and utilises a broad range of presenters and experts.

“While this session typically is an excursion opportunity for students, the online presentation enabled students to further explore key safety driving issues related to our unit of study,” PDHPE Teacher Veronica Whitaker said.

Students viewed a 20-minute crash recreation which included responses from police, ambulance and emergency services.

Students also looked at the consequences of being responsible for a serious crash and heard real-life stories from car crash victims and their families.

Towards the end of the session students participated in a discussion around the safety features of vehicles and why a newer car might save your life.

Student feedback:

“I liked the incursion, it provided lots of insight into what could happen while driving and the risks that are involved. The speakers helped to illustrate and make the risks more real, and made me realise that I need to be very safe and careful while driving.”

“Informative and realistic!”

“Very moving and emotional, sharing the perspectives of all the people involved in car accidents is very impactful.”