Year 1 practise their Italian skills on the field

Year 1 were treated to a lesson on Italian soccer recently with their very own special guest, Year 9 student Christian, who taught the games to the class in Italian.

Assistant Head of Junior School Languages Annamaria said the students were delighted to have Christian as their special sports guest.

“He not only taught them Italian vocabulary but also the rules and techniques of the game,” she said.

The children played an intense match, i rossi contro i gialli, but when Christian saw they needed to build their teamwork skills and passing techniques, he quickly had the students practise with some passing drills. 

“The practical lesson was a great way for the students to reinforce the vocabulary they have been learning all week, the students were outdoors and getting physical. Luckily Christian didn’t have to use his yellow or red cards. The students knew exactly what they were for.”

To celebrate their efforts in the classroom and on the field, Annamaria presented each student with a certificate.