Year 1 news challenge

We congratulate Vicky of Year 1 Green, who recently bought in a plant she grew at home for the class News Challenge.

The class challenge asked students to bring in or take a photo of a plant they have grown at home.

“Students are working scientifically to design and produce a balcony garden to create some green space in their inner-city school,” said Year 1 Green Teacher Jessica Slater.

“Working collaboratively, students will interpret, collect and represent data about the chosen site and, based on the evidence, students will design and produce a garden to suit the local conditions. Students will observe and record daily weather changes including the Sun’s path in the sky, seasonal changes and rainfall to identify the environmental conditions in their chosen location.

“Students will investigate good soils as well as ask an expert about suitable plants for the conditions. With consideration to safety and sustainability, students will choose unlikely containers for their plants from school rubbish. Elements of digital technology, human endeavor and design and production skills are incorporated into the lessons.”

As part of this unit, students were encouraged to show their class a plant that they had grown at home. Students were welcome to talk about the conditions the plant grew in and how gardening and plants can support emotional wellbeing.

Vicky made the video below, which features a fish pond and crop of carrots.