Year 1 Japanese make Onigiri

Year 1 Japanese students recently enjoyed making Onigiri rice balls during Week 5 of Term 4.

Machiko Sensei introduced a special project called “Onigiri Action” during Week 5 of Term 4.

Year 1 Japanese have been learning about feelings and emotions this Term. They were recently asked to discuss what
makes them happy, sad and angry. Then they further discussed how they can make other people happy.

Their activity has helped to provide 80 meals for children in need around the world, through a project called Table for Two.

“Our mission started with learning the ingredients and recipe of onigiri,” she said.

“They wrote the ingredients and read the recipe repeatedly to be familiar with it before the special day.
“Onigiri! Onigiri!” called out the students as they arrived in the classroom on the day. After revisiting what to use and how to make onigiri, they participated in the activity in small groups.”

Despite some students finding the activity challenging, Machiko Sensei said everyone enjoyed the experience.

“The students loved the experience and Emily exclaimed, “Japanese is the best.”

Student Aleisha said the activity was lots of fun, but very messy.

“You put water on your hands and salt, then you roll the rice up and put seaweed on top,” Aleisha said.

“If you add too much water, it won’t work.”