Year 1 Japanese students explore emotive words

Year 1 Japanese students have been exploring words that relate to feelings and emotions.

Their teacher, Machiko Sensei, said her students particularly enjoyed listening to the Colour Monster story and identifying each feeling and associated colour.

“After familiarising themselves with the vocabulary, students created a ‘How are you feeling’ poster,” Machiko said. 

Students decided on six emotive words to use for their poster, before working in smaller groups to build the poster.

“They started with deciding who is going to be in charge of what words. Expressing what they want to do and negotiating with peers, they decided their parts.じゃんけんぽん(scissors-paper-rock) was heard here and there to
help them decide fairly,” Machiko Sensei said.

“Referring to their own worksheet in the exercise book, the students wrote the words and corresponding monsters independently. Then they glued them to make a poster.”

A poster created by Neko, Kaylie and Woody is now placed on the wall in the IGS counseling suite.

Others will be placed around the School.

“The students enjoyed the project and are proud of what they have made,” Machiko said.