Year 1 Italian investigate the Olympics

Year 1 students of Italian have thrown themselves into their lessons about the Olympic Games.

While the students were learning about Leisure and Recreation, their Teacher, Maestra Annamaria, discovered that most did not know much about the Olympics.

“They were very enthusiastic to learn all about this historical event which still takes place,” she said.

“To get a general idea and to learn about it in Italian the students learnt key words: la torcia, gli anelli, le medaglie, and gli spettatori.

“The children watched an old Looney Tunes cartoon where Goofy explained the Olympics in Italian. The children loved completing a giant dot to dot of the Olympic rings and learning about the significance of the different colors.”

To practise their writing skills, Maestra Annamaria guided the students through various sentences in their booklet.

“They confidently wrote which of the sports they liked (mi piace) and which they didn’t like (non mi piace). The students also presented one page of their booklet which included their own illustrations.”

The class then enjoyed a craft activity.

“The children made ‘la corona’ with paper leaves,” she said.

“One student, Max, was was so enthusiastic that he went home and made a crown out of real olive twigs and leaves.

“The second craft activity was to make ‘la torcia,’ (torch) with shimmering foil and colourful cellophane paper. Each child made a unique flame that reflected their interest in the topic.”

The final activity for Year 1 Italian was to form a procession with the torches and crowns. The class travelled around the School with their torches held high.

“The children finished their procession in their favourite spot, the Peace Garden, where they pretended to light the final Olympic flame, that is the fountain,” she said.

“It was such a wonderful mini topic this term, stemming from the children’s interest, that the class celebrated with medals made of Italian biscuits and fruit strings.

“The children are now ready for the Olympics 2021. Go Aussies! Evviva Italia.”