Year 1 Italian

Year 1 Italian students filmed their 20 year School reunion recently, as they acted as their older selves and rehearsed dialogues in the language.

IGS teacher Maestra Annamaria Ferragina said students have enjoyed learning about professions in the topic “Our Community.”

“They rehearsed dialogues where they pretended to be adults asking each other about their professions and where they work,” she said.

“Rehearsals included voice games and missing word reading exercises to familiarise the students with the structures. 

Maestra Annamaria encouraged students to use drama techniques to enhance memory and retention of the language.

“Once the big filming day arrived, the children transformed into their future selves and dressed up to enjoy the mock reunion in the peace garden, where all the important school social functions occur,” she said.
“The students performed their dialogues in a realistic setting with Italian music and plenty of party food.
“At the end of filming the students sang the chorus of their current favourite song “Viva la gente” which highlights the importance of caring for people around us and living respectfully within a community.”

Maestra Annamaria said the students have enjoyed the topic of this term and said it gave them a glimpse into the future.