Year 1 Hiragana Boot camp

Year 1 students of Japanese have been working hard in class to learn the basic script, Hiragana. Japanese Teacher Machiko Sensei said the Hiragana Boot camp begins with singing.

The students are then divided into small groups and participate in a variety of activities that help them to recognise Hiragana scripts.

They particularly enjoy playing ring toss and the Hiragana puzzle,” Machiko Sensei said.

“These hands-on activities allow the students to be engaged and learn the letters in a fun way.”

Year 1 students are also introduced to a system called “Hiragana Dojo”.

“When the students demonstrate their skills of reading Hiragana scripts, they receive a belt certificate,” she said.

“This system enables the students to be motivated and challenged to learn Hiragana scripts.

“The students cannot wait for Wednesday, our Hiragana Dojo challenge.”