Words of wisdom from IGS Alumni

Members of the IGS Class of 2020, veterans of another "COVID HSC", share some tips with the Class of 2021.

Class of 2020 Head Boy Parker Floris is optimistic about the prospects of our current HSC students.

“I believe you will all do incredibly, and I can’t wait to see what you can achieve,” Parker said.

Parker wished current Year 12 IGS students all the luck and shared some important things that he learned during his own HSC year “that’ll hopefully make your journey a bit easier”.

“Firstly, in regard to studying, I can’t emphasise the importance of momentum enough,” Parker said.

“As I’m sure you’re aware, to go from relaxation to study mode in your mind can take time, however sometimes that time doesn’t exist.

“So, after exams, take a day, take a weekend to recover, but get back into studying straight away. Not all-nighters of course, but even the act of just opening something such as Language Perfect, or taking a glance at your notes, means when the time comes you can ramp up your studying much more quickly. As well as having built-up long-term fluency, reducing what you actually have to revise and hence stress built up approaching the exam.

“Secondly, work together and don’t over prioritise the importance of rankings, even during internals. Without a doubt, the ones who helped others unconditionally over the past year were the ones who performed the best. You can all learn from each other, so the more you help the people around you, the better off you’ll all be.

“Further, schedule in unconditional time for yourself, from physical activity to socialising, especially during exam week. These will often be put on hold, but they are the most crucial to maintaining a strong and positive mental state.

“Also try and find something to pursue outside of the school environment, from sports, to arts, or anything that makes you happy and can distract you from the day to day. You don’t want to feel like the only reason you wake up each morning is to study for an exam. Have something else on the side that you are passionate about.”

Parker also advised attempting to learn as much as possible from teachers and others by setting up extra meetings to seek advice or knowledge on specific topics.

“You’ll notice how much they actually have to offer.”

Parker is currently co-managing the social media for UNSW’s student publication Blitz UNSW. He is also producing, editing and directing videos for them. See one of his recent videos here.

Parker is also working in photography and recently won silver in a photography competition.

All the best to you, Parker!