Wonder Project unites and delights

The Wonder Project is a collaborative adventure for IGS musicians.

The Wonder Project, a new initiative by the Music Department, aims to empower storytellers of various ages and backgrounds to create a unified performing-based work.

Inspired by the school’s motto Unity Through Diversity and its values of vibrancy, diversity, connectedness, personal achievement, and authenticity, Director of Music Darren Kuilenburg is connecting our students through online collaboration.

“This online collaboration fosters developmental attitudes including cooperation, collaboration, creativity, confidence, and communication skills,” Darren said.

Using a “choose your own adventure model” students will submit various audio and video recordings online to contribute to building an exciting collective project. The development of these recordings is guided by online rehearsals and workshops.

Music is a powerful means by which people can collaborate, even when separated during this pandemic. 

“In emphasising connection to Country, elements of the text are planned to be interlinked to the local Dharug language, to develop powerful messages that speak of the importance of recognising diversity and building unity,” Mr Kuilenburg said.

“These language links are being developed in collaboration with Head of Indigenous Studies Jade Carr.”

The project invites students to learn simple melodies, harmonic layers, and rhythmic patterns to build a work that features singers, a rapper, narrators, orchestral string players, percussionists, and rock musicians.

IGS students, if this sounds like something you would like to take part in, you can sign-up and join one of the workshops delivered via the Canvas Music Ensembles page. If you are not already in an ensemble, you can register by emailing igsmusic@igssyd.nsw.edu.au.

“IGS is committed to offering quality Creative and Performing Arts pursuits in providing enrichment opportunities that contribute to the development of artistic and creative individuals through practice-based learning.”

Happy creating!