Lou’s Place refuge thanks IGS

Our community's response to requests for donations to Lou's Place was extraordinary.

Lou’s Place case manager Mahasti Askari welcomed the donations.

“As a non government organisation, we truly appreciate the contribution,” she said.

“We rely on the community. Our women highly appreciate the engagement with us and the support.

“These will be put to a great use. Many women struggle financially and they rely on any support from here to manage their lives and to keep a roof over their heads.

“Many people will use these to freshen themselves, here in the centre.

“These gifts will bring smiles to every face that comes in.”

Lou’s Place General Manager Nicole Yade said she is grateful for the ongoing relationship with IGS.

“For us to support the women we serve having such long term partnerships are critical,” Nicole said.

“Its been wonderful to see the students engage with these important social issues and to do so with compassion and a willingness to help. The future is in good hands with these students as our future leaders.”

Head Boy Orlando Read described the IGS community response to requests for goods as part of our International Women’s Day response as extraordinary.

“It’s overwhelming how generous everyone has been,” he said.

“It’s amazing to see how much effort people have gone to. They’ve gone out of their way to bring in bags from make-up shops, hair products and much more.”

Head Girl Grace Truman said many people had donated bags of goods, rather than just one item.

“Hopefully it will have a really big positive impact,” said Grace. “Our crates were overflowing.”

Orlando said a representative from Lou’s Place would be visiting IGS shortly to address his Legal Studies class, increasing understanding of the challenges faced by some members of the community.