Window into the future

IGS Head of Careers Amelia Phillips recently held a career profiling session for Year 10 students, one step among many for helping them plan ahead.

The profiling, conducted by Career Avenues, is designed to help students consider which careers might suit them based on their interests and skills.

This profile, along with an individual interview also helps students decide which subjects they will take in Years 11 and 12.

“The Career Avenues profile report provides a comprehensive analysis of an individual student’s strengths, transferable skills and ideal learning environments,” IGS Careers Advisor Amelia Philips said.

“The profile report also identifies a range of suitable career possibilities for students to consider. While the options are vast, it is important students can see the range of occupations their skills can be applied to, even if they don’t all match their personal career goals.

“The profiling forms one part of a multifaceted approach to subject selection and career planning at IGS and I am looking forward to exploring the results with students as they progress through their final years of schooling.”