What’s the buzz?

A colony of stingless native bees has a new home at IGS thanks to the generosity of last year’s Year 6 students and the IGS Harrison family.

The bees were carefully split from their original hive at Michael Mobbs’ Sustainable House in Chippendale and are now making themselves at home among the frangipani flowers and other plants on the Level 4 balcony garden in the Reg St Leon Building.

The hive is high above students’ heads, but they can watch the native bees coming and going as they collect nectar. Gardening Club and other environment enthusiasts are thrilled that Year 6 students raised the funds for the bees.

“I think it is fantastic,” said Grace Truman of Year 9, who sometimes eats lunch on the balcony with friends. “The more natural assets at the School, the better.”

Therese Briganti, also of Year 9, agreed, adding that she particularly liked the native bees as they do not sting.