‘What makes our heart feel good?’

IGS Early Learning educators continue to implement social and emotional programs that encourage our young learners to articulate their feelings and the feelings of others, and improve overall wellbeing.

The You can do it curriculum program involves five target units: confidence, persistence, organisation, getting along and emotional resilience. Through carefully planned learning activities with appropriate support provided, young children’s social and emotional capabilities can be strengthened.

As a new project this term, IGS Transition students created a “heart wall” in their classroom, where Early Childhood Teacher Robeka Bresovski said the children have been “exploring feelings in a meaningful and insightful way”.

The IGS Early Learning “heart wall”

“To create the heart wall, I used a polaroid camera to capture children’s faces, and yes they loved this!” Ms Bresovski said.

“The children are definitely showing an interest in tapping into their feelings and emotions.

“As we work towards fostering and nurturing children’s ability to articulate their emotions, we will continue to implement the social-emotional You can do it program into our curriculum.”

Young learners enjoying their emotional awareness activities

The students also enjoyed children’s author Kate Jane Neal’s book Words and your heart.

“This beautiful picture book conveyed a powerful message to our audience, that words can make us happy and words can make us sad,” Ms Bresovski said.

“This then opened up the room for further discussion about our own heart and what makes our heart feel good. This is something I would like to explore more deeply with the children.”