Welcoming inaugural IGS School Nurse ‘Pek’

"A smile and a kind word go a long way," says new IGS School Nurse Glenys Wood.

Glenys, who is usually referred to as Nurse Pek, is a highly experienced and well-qualified nursing professional who brings her knowledge from working across a variety of schools to IGS. 

Her expertise covers all areas of primary health care in schools including management of chronic or emergency situations, infection control, community education and support and sports medicine.

Some of her past positions include School Nurse at All Saints in Bathurst, Year 12 Boarding Coordinator and School Nurse at Abbotsleigh, Head of Boarding at Ascham, and Executive Nurse Manager at The Scots College for five years. She also worked at the American Embassy in India and spent many years travelling.

When asked how the nickname Pek came about, she said it has been that way since her first day of Kindergarten.

“On my first day of Kindy, someone called me Woody Wood Pek,” she said.

Growing up, I attended boarding school and always wanted to be either a teacher or a nurse. My school nurse is who inspired me. When I did my nurse training everyone knew me as Pek. It’s neither a first name or a nickname, it’s just the name.”

Just prior to joining IGS, Pek worked as a Nurse and primary health care manager at the remote regional MLC Melbourne’s Marshland campus, in Mallacoota, Victoria.

“It was quite a different time because of the fires and then COVID. I love being in the country, but because it was so isolated in Mallacoota, I didn’t get the continuity of being with the children. I missed getting to know the children and the parents,” Pek said.

“My role at IGS is to support the community by offering holistic health care, and that involves developing healthcare plans, promoting wellbeing, providing first aid and connecting with the School community in a non-teaching role,” Pek said.

“I’d like to think that students can come to me if they need to have a chat. They don’t have to go to the counsellor straight away if they just need a smile, a friendly face and to feel like they are being heard.

“I’m hoping that they will take away strategies for wellbeing. I aim to make students more responsible for their own wellbeing, looking after their own care, exercise, eating well, and seeking help.”

Nurse Pek said she is looking forward to being involved in the community as a whole. 

“I don’t want to be here just for the students.  I’m looking forward to connecting with students, parents, and staff.”