Welcoming important Life Education lessons for all ages

IGS strives to empower students to make safer and healthier choices both within the school environment and throughout their lives.

To reinforce and support student care at IGS, organisations such as Life Education regularly visit the school.

Primary School classes recently welcomed Life Education, along with their mascot Healthy Harold, for workshops on knowledge, skills and strategies students can use to make safe decisions about their own health and wellbeing.

The program includes:

  • Kindergarten: establishing a balanced diet, the importance of hygiene and physical activity, as well as ways to keep safe at home, school and in the community
  • Year 1: exploring the benefits of physical activity, safety strategies in different environments, how our body reacts in new situations, and nutrition
  • Year 2: building positive relationships, discovering what health messages mean, and identifying safety signs
  • Year 3: establishing factors that influence the function of body systems such as exercise, exploring ways to manage peer pressure, the role of vital organs, and healthy food choices
  • Year 4: demonstrating factors that influence someone’s sense of self-worth, techniques for effective communication and strategies for managing stressful situations, and the consequences of the misuse of medicines and drugs
  • Year 5: understanding how to respect ourselves and others, characteristics of positive relationships, strategies to help maintain positive online and offline relationships, and the importance of relationships to our own wellbeing and that of others
  • Year 6: this module tackles the topic of drinking alcohol in an age-appropriate context. Students explore concepts such as the effect that alcohol has on body systems, myths and facts about alcohol, physical, social and legal consequences of alcohol use, and strategies to reduce harmful effects of alcohol on the self and others.

Life Education sessions will continue next week in the Primary School.

Kindergarten students learning about the human body