Welcoming IGS Director of Music Darren Kuilenburg

IGS is delighted to welcome our new Director of Music, with his wealth of cross curricular talent and enthusiasm for Music as IGS's "other language".

Originally from a musical family in Tasmania where he taught piano from the age of 16, Mr Kuilenburg brings to IGS wide-ranging music education experience from Ascham, the McDonald College of Performing Arts, and, most recently, 13 years leading music education at Redlands.

When he first moved to Sydney, Darren taught in private piano studios and conducted cabaret performances, then studied acting and graphic design and immersed himself in musicals while he finished his combined music education and performance degree at UNSW.

His interests and experience encompass collaborative drama, dance, choral and other ensemble performances, and he  likes to tailor opportunities to students’ particular skills and interests, stretching their capabilities through just the right level of challenge.

While at Redlands, he was honoured to be selected on fellowship to visit the US to explore combined Music and STEAM education.

“I like to be able to provide children and young adults with enriching learning opportunities,” he said.

Darren said he welcomes the vibrancy and diversity of students at IGS and looks forward to extending them beyond their comfort zones.

He noted that engaged students who extended themselves were often musicians who also achieved top results, and that studies in neuro-science repeatedly showed that making music helps the brain to develop.

“Music students who perform in ensembles have learnt how to be organised, resilient, productive and creative, and they can apply all those skills in the context of music, maths and sciences.

“The Key Learning Areas are all interconnected, and these skills will be required in the workplace in a changing world.”