Welcome to Term 4 from IGS Principal Shauna Colnan

New leadership portfolios for our senior students

Welcome to Term 4. I hope that you and your children have had an enjoyable and refreshing two weeks in this glorious Spring sunshine.

At this time each year, rites of passage happen here at School, marking the journey from childhood to adulthood, allowing us to continue nurturing the gifts of each of our students.

Year 12 students begin their HSC exams next week and Year 11 students have begun their HSC experience and are stepping up to take on Year 12 leadership responsibilities.

Today I want to introduce our 2021 student leadership team in the context of an exciting new student leadership development program.

This year, with unprecedented adaptive challenges facing our world and as we teach and learn through this pandemic, we decided that the time was right to expand and diversify leadership opportunities for our students, mindful of their enormous capacity to think strategically, to collaborate and to contribute to IGS in significant ways.

In the past, 16 student leaders were chosen to lead the four Houses. We wanted to keep this structure, but we asked ourselves whether we could have two student leaders per House rather than four, freeing the other eight students to take on leadership portfolios within their specialised areas of interest and talent.

This new portfolio program places an explicit focus on passion, purpose and student voice. We want to do all we can to inspire and support our students’ passions and help them find their purpose as they move into their final year at school.

We have eight House leaders for 2021. These students will continue the IGS tradition of working in partnership with Heads of House to build school spirit by leading the mighty House system. In this cultural arena, they will draw on our values as a framework to guide them: Diversity, Authenticity, Connectedness, Personal Achievement and Vibrancy.

Our motto, Unity Through Diversity will provide them with a unifying way of thinking about our school community that is both empowering and uplifting.

Congratulations to the following house leaders:

Baado: Daniel O’Shea and Clare Rogan
Bamal: David Thom and Orlando Read
Gura: Isabel Whitaker and Grace Ardino
Kuyal: Myles Lambert and Eliot Tompkins

Nine portfolio leaders will engage in different but equally important work. Leadership portfolios reflect the broad liberal education we offer, our academic and co-curricular priorities, and our strategic aspirations and areas of action. These new leadership positions will help foster our students’ teamwork, collaboration and talent development so vital in our complex democratic society. They also honour and enliven student voice and the contribution our students can make to the intellectual and cultural life of our school. They will allow our students to contribute meaningfully to the work to be done as we continue to look for myriad ways to enhance our School.

Congratulations to student leaders who are taking on the following portfolios:

Art and Design: Saskia Vander
The Bibliotheque: Felix Tonkin
Drama: Aidan Hale
Languages: Therese Briganti
STEM: Grace Truman
Music: Mischa Belunek
Sport: Jamison Power
Sustainability: Euan Thomas
Student Representative Council (SRC): Jack Schroeter

I am sure you will join me in congratulating all of our new student leaders, along with those who stood for leadership, many of whom will continue to lead and influence without formal titles.

I wish you a wonderful Term 4.

Shauna Colnan