Welcome, students from Japan

IGS is excited to welcome four visiting students from Owada International High School, our sister school in Osaka, Japan.

The students are visiting to gain an understanding of Australian education, culture and history, and get a glimpse of school and home life with some of our families.

Momona, Takuma, Akaya and Ikko will each stay with the family of their IGS partners, students in Years 9, 10 and 11.

“I’m really looking forward to showing Takuma around Sydney, and building connections with these students who are from across the other side of the world,” Eliot said.

IGS Director of Languages Rosalba Genua-Petrovic explained that by continuing to offer tailored, individualised learning programs for students on exchange, IGS is a lighthouse school for international education.

“The students’ weekly timetable includes various lessons with their partners, along with customised English lessons created by IGS staff to assist in their English learning, lessons on Australian culture, Indigenous culture, and our history,” Ms Genua-Petrovic said.

Visiting students from Osaka enjoying morning tea with IGS students on their first day in Sydney

It’s the first time the students from Osaka have visited Australia. They are eager to learn more about Australian culture, and look forward to visits to the beach and various Sydney icons. 

In turn, our students are keen to learn more about Japanese culture and language when they return the visits.

IGS Year 10 student Mischa Belunek will journey to Owada International High School later this year, much like Jake Barbouttis and Parker Floris did in 2018. Connections between our schools continue to grow, strengthened by the educational opportunities, experiences and friendships fostered.