We can’t thank you enough for supporting the IGS Giving Day

What a week it has been for IGS. Together we raised more than $100,000 for key IGS programs, by harnessing the generosity of the IGS community in a 24-hour Giving Day campaign.

This amount was double the original goal we had set for ourselves. You can see the final result of the campaign here.

Thanks to the support of our community, we are able to continue the IGS Indigenous Scholarship Program, and expand our plans for our IGS Bibliothèque, an expanded library, research centre and learning hub at the heart of the School.

We have also raised funds to support eligible senior students to take part in an IGS exchange opportunity through the Alumni Language Exchange Scholarship.


The School would also like to extend thanks to donors of all ages, including Maeve and Billy in Kindergarten.


“I can’t believe what we have been able to achieve together!” said IGS Director of Advancement Julia Glass.

“As both an alumna and staff member of the School, this is very heartening.

“The result was beyond our expectations but truly shows the support the community holds for these fabulous initiatives. Thank you so much, again.”

Principal Shauna Colnan shared the following video message on the Giving Day:

More messages from our community on the Giving Day:

  • With much fondness to our favourite school forever.
  • Unity comes from our respect and inclusion of diversity.
  • The library has been a blessing to my son. A precious resource.
  • Very proud of our IGS scholars and their mentors.
  • Always happy to support the IGS community. Keep up the good work!
  • We are blessed to be part of the IGS Family.
  • Thank you! I am so proud of the IGS values.
  • Keep up the good work at IGS. A very different but a vital addition to the range of schools that are available.
  • I think this is a great incentive. We believe in the school’s core values.
  • Fantastic causes. Thank you, everyone!
  • Applause for the Indigenous Scholarship Program – great stuff!
  • Thank you to the IGS community for your warmth and generosity!
  • Vive la Bibliothèque!