A great end to Term 2

Primary School students reflected on their Term 2 achievements at an assembly which included a presentation by Year 6 students who travelled to Goodooga.

Amelie: I learned how the Yuwaalaraay people use the night sky to guide them.

Finian: I feel hopeful for Australia that we can learn from the traditional cultures of our first nations people.

Matilda: I hope that everyone can experience the joy, thrill, and fascination that I felt, on what I can only call, a magical experience.

To commemorate the experience, students presented Deputy Head of Junior School Josie Nardella with boomerangs that were made from local Gidgee trees by Muruwari Elder and craftsman Tommy Bark.

Students then performed the iconic I Am Australian in both English and the Yuwaalaraay Language which they learned from Yuwaalaraay Elder and teacher Mindy Gibbs.

Following this performance, students in Years 3 to 6 stood proudly on the Hall steps to accept awards in recognition for their efforts in various subjects throughout the Term.

We look forward to what Term 3 will bring!