Visual Arts Major Work by Maks J Taylor

Memories of a Travelling Man

The primary component of my major work is a short film which provides the introduction and an open-ended resolution to the narrative through the accompaniment of the score, location and composed visual language. Composed of a series of photographs that feature one or two subtle, animated elements in either the foreground or background of each scene.

My idea was to create still photographic animations which reflect my key word; “uncanny”. By creating unsettling movement in an already tense and mysterious still image, gives the audience sensations of enjoyment and discomfort. To accompany the visuals, is the score, which I orchestrated using various brass notes, cinematic impact sounds and dark melodies. Not only does the score add to the film’s viewing pleasure, it also furthers the uncanny stimulus supporting the obtuse and haunting narrative. 

 My inspirations were primarily sourced from the practices and techniques of filmmaker David Lynch and photographer Gregory Crewdson and I employed the concept of “show don’t tell”; where instead of dialogue or narration to describe a moment or event in a scene, there is visual imagery, composition, juxtaposition and appropriate editing to act as an inaudible visual narrator. This technique encourages the audience’s imagination, to deduce their own conclusion to the story’s conflict. 


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