Visual Arts Exhibtion: Nicholas Strafiotis

Title of Major Work: What A Good Friday - Paintings

“My body of work is a collection of stencil cut-outs, spray-painted on a single cardboard box cut in half. The artwork is a rendition of Jesus on the cross and highlights the peculiarity of religion,” Nicholas said.

“I depict Jesus dead on the cross, with Mary alone clouded in misery and people looking at the dead body. By having everyone transfixed on Jesus except for one person, I exhibit how people try to orient their lives around pleasing these ‘higher’ beings and by having the person look away he is just as mighty as those gods/deities because he is dictating his life for himself and no one else.

“With the addition of the two other Jesus figures with increasingly odder colour schemes, I display the idea of how bizarre religion can get the deeper one looks into it. By having the addition of the two other Jesus figures mimicking the other men who were crucified with Jesus, it alludes to the fact that Jesus could have been a false idol. My artwork does not criticise religion but only brings attention to the unusuality of religion.”