Visual Arts Exhibition: Eliza Brunsdon

Title of Major Work: The glass ceiling - Drawing

Like the smashing of the invidious glass ceiling, my body of work has been nothing less than a cathartic release of frustration towards the world we live in; specifically, a frustration towards a society that innately favours white, straight, cis-gendered males.

Political art has long communicated the importance of social justice and acts as a vessel for artists to both express themselves freely and fight for the freedom of others. Manifesting all this into my body of work, I chose to draw six portraits, each representing a group of people marginalised on the basis of gender, sexuality or race.

As one of my models puts it; “being a teenager is hard enough already as it is. Add questioning your gender into adolescence, and your experience becomes much more difficult”.

With this, I seek to target internalised ways of thinking that feed a prejudicial and bigoted political and social hegemony. I seek to educate and inform other viewpoints and perspectives as well as empower and validate the lived experience of marginalised individuals.