Visual Arts and Design students work hard through the holidays

The hard work doesn't stop for these Year 12 Visual Arts and Design students who took part in holiday workshops to continue work on their majors.

The holidays have proven to be a very productive time for our Year 12 students who are working towards completing their major projects and taking part in practice examinations.

In the Bay Street Studio, Visual Arts students took advantage of the holiday workshops.

“It’s good to interact and a healthy amount of socialising,” said Year 12 student Eva Workman. “It’s good to get an update on where we are and get extra help.”

Eva is currently working on a sculpture series. When describing what inspired her work, Eva said, “I wanted to work with looking into other people’s lives, intuition and empathy; like looking at people on the train and piecing together their narrative, their story, how people interact and their identity.”

In the Design Studio, the students have their heads buried in their computers busily working on the theory elements of their projects.

Riu Fukazawa is working on his portfolio for a recycling project that uses a barcoding system to identify plastics and sort them.

“I saw all the media articles about how horrible the plastic situation was in Australia and decided to make this,” Riu said.

Using programmes such as C++ and a plywood structure, Riu will make this recycling system come to fruition!

We can’t wait to see the final projects. We wish our Year 12 students the best of luck with completing them.