‘Visible learning journeys’ in focus

Key IGS Primary School staff recently attended the 15th annual Hawker and Brownlow Thinking and Learning conference in Melbourne.

IGS Deputy Head of Junior School Josie Nardella and Heads of Primary Stages Jessica Slater, David Engelbert and Jessica Price heard from keynote speaker Professor Dylan Wiliam, a leading expert on educational assessment.

The conference offered workshop sessions and whole-day institutes to meet an array of teaching and learning needs, working with leading national and international presenters to enrich efforts in school improvement.

Key takeaways from the conference:

  • teachers should use formative assessment to inform and improve teaching and learning
  • assessment is one of the most powerful ways to improve student learning
  • curriculum improvement should be continually addressed
  • collaboration is also key to improving student outcomes.

“As part of the visible learning journey, IGS will continue to collaborate together in teams, highlighting the importance of cultivating a culture of collaboration,” Ms Nardella said.

“The conference focused on teacher quality, and continual improvement of practice, revealing details that make a difference to students,” Mr Engelbert added.

Conferences such as this are important for staff development as well as student development at IGS.

“This was a great opportunity to learn new and exciting initiatives in the teaching and learning world, and have time to have the valuable conversations with colleagues while in the moment of learning these new things,” Ms Price said.