Virtual Athletics Carnival Haiku Tournament

"The fiery surge of adrenaline, the thrill of competition and the quickening of the breath," said Thom Marchbank of the Virtual Athletics Carnival.

The English Department invited students to transform their experience on the track, in the field, in the gym, or in the pool into poetry in the English Department’s Haiku Tournament.

The English Department explored a series of grammatical tips students could use to hit their performance peak and create some powerful poetry.

Students learnt the Haiku form, and worked to “represent the joys of physical culture in the most elegantly crafted poetic physique,” said Thom.

The haiku for each session that best adhered to the form and wittily incorporated a representation of athletics or sporting prowess, won.

“As we say in the English Department: Every day is word day,” Thom said.

See some of their exceptional work below.

Jake of Year 11 wrote
The Favourite Haiku of the Virtual Athletics Carnival
Scalding sun burns but
Nerves freeze and chatter my teeth
(Bang), it has begun

Harriet of Year 10 wrote
Thumping as if to
explode, my heart my feet, but
the Sun runs faster

Gemma of Year 9 wrote
Bracing for the jump
I leap onto the wet grass
suspended in time

Madiba of Year 11 wrote
Triple jump is fun
hop and skip and jump and land
sand in my shoes and pants