Vibrant Year 6 space nears completion

The beautiful Year 6 and After School Care Centre at IGS is near completion.

Year 6 students and staff are excited to move into their new home on Level 4 of the Reg St Leon Building this year.

The newly revitalised and flexible teaching and learning spaces will further support independent learning as well as teamwork.

Students share their first impressions:

Today was such an exciting day knowing that we were going to discover our new classrooms. The place I would be most of the year. My expectations were definitely lived up to. I can’t wait to see all of Year 6 in this space.

My first impression was that the space was very modern and calm. I liked the lounge part of it because it was really lowkey and relaxing. The lighting in the lounge room really helped the atmosphere. My favourite thing about the classes was that they were really open and had a lot of natural light. I like the colour scheme the most because most of the colours are relaxing and calming. I am looking forward to learning there.

The space is amazing, the classrooms are so cool…  The breakout rooms are so cool and so small and cute and it is a great idea. The teacher spaces are so nice and modern and look great. It’s such a great idea to put the sink in, and the small seat just when you walk in is nice to have a chat on.

Thank you for the space.

It is amazing and it looks like a great place to work and have fun while working. I am really excited and can’t wait.

My impression of the Year 6 space was
. This place is amazing
. I can’t wait to start working here
. I love how this place has so many places to sit while working
. I’m grateful that we have this space.

I thought that the new spaces looked amazing! I love the cyan space and the colorful chairs, it reminded me of a rainbow. All the glass looked amazing, when I was in the space, I felt calm and relaxed. But at the same time exhilarated and excited. I loved the Year 6 space.

My first impression is that the mini amphitheatre is very colourful and that all the classrooms have little breakout spaces.

The classrooms look amazing, there are windows to look at the view while we work, there are couches and funny chairs and it looks really nice.

My first impression of our new classrooms is they all look very modern and I really like the grey step area and I don’t mind which classroom I get because they are all pretty cool.

I LOVE it!
It’s so modern and beautiful. Love the colours!

My first impression of the NEW YEAR 6 SPACE IS … AMAZING!!!!!! It is so fancy and I love the little cozy space with the round tables and the blue steps. Can’t wait to get in there.

The new area is awesome.