Vale, Richard Gill AO

Vale eminent conductor, musician, music educator and IGS friend Richard Gill AO, who passed away on Sunday 28 October following a battle with cancer.

IGS staff reflected on the extraordinary contributions of the late Richard Gill AO throughout the week, as his inspirational influence on music education continues to resound at IGS.

Richard and his wife, Maureen, were active in the founding of our School, and remained intensely interested as they continued to advocate passionately for more music making in the lives of all children.

Photo ©Keith Saunders

Principal Shauna Colnan shared her reflection upon Richard’s commitment to music education and support of IGS in this week’s Through Line, her weekly letter to staff.

“Richard was deeply egalitarian and believed that every child had the right to music in their lives, music that would take them into abstract thought and transcendent experiences,” Ms Colnan said.

You can read Ms Colnan’s full Through Line here.

IGS staff reflect on the extraordinary contributions of the late Richard Gill AO

City Recital Hall will pay tribute to Richard on Monday 5 November from 6.30pm. Although the event has sold out, the live stream of this concert will be visible here on Monday evening.

To remember the inspirational influence of Richard, we invite you to view the following TEDx Programs:

Richard gave so much to our School and to the Australian music landscape, and his legacy will live on at IGS for generations to come.

IGS will dedicate the School’s Music Showcase on Tuesday 6 November to Richard. Join us in the School Hall from 6pm.

Zoe Crocker (2014), Freja Andersson (2017), Richard Gill AO, Cian Malikides (2015) and George Crocker (2017)