Urban processes

Year 10 Geography students explored the urban processes shaping the inner city of Sydney this week by visiting nearby Barangaroo and Pyrmont.

Students researched the challenges of producing sustainable buildings, and looked at how proposed building projects are presented to the public.

They examined the impact of such projects on the environment and nearby residents.

At Pyrmont, the students discovered the history of the site and the different factors which have brought about changes to the area, comparing photographs taken from different time periods.

Students also had the opportunity to complete a noise testing exercise, observing the volume of sound in various locations.

Students thoroughly enjoyed the excursion, developing their knowledge of the city.

Sara: “I enjoyed the excursion because we got to observe the beautiful surroundings. I learnt a lot about urban renewal, decay and gentrification.”

Riu: “I learnt a lot about Barangaroo but moreover, more about Pyrmont’s history which I never knew about. Pyrmont’s history was very interesting.”

Andreja: “I learnt a lot about the history of Pyrmont and I learnt new words such as ‘gentrification’ and ‘urban renewal’.”

Harry: “It was interesting and gave a hands-on approach to learning about the region and its history.”