University internship for Year 12 student

Year 12 student Hunter Forbes was recently offered a Marine Biology internship with the University of Tasmania (UTAS).

Hunter, a keen geographer and diver, will complete the six-day Practical Introduction to Temperate Marine Biology as part of the University’s Connection Program with the Institute for Marine and Antarctic Studies (IMAS) from mid-April.

“The course will involve a great deal of practical fieldwork including snorkelling, estimating and measuring,” Hunter said.

“This will take place on Maria Island on Tasmania’s East Coast, which is a beautiful location with an interesting history, beautiful scenery and unique ecology.”

Hunter will spend five days on the Island, and one in a classroom, providing vast opportunities to deepen his knowledge of Marine Biology.

“I’m exceptionally grateful to the teams at UTAS and the IMAS, along with everyone else involved as it is set to be an amazing experience, but with a lot of hard work and generosity behind it.”