Unity Through Diversity message going global

The IGS community is connecting with others around the world during this time of isolation.

As the world heeds calls to self-isolate, at IGS, we are glad to reach out and connect with one another and our friends around the world using social media.

Be part of the IGS Virtual Flashmob!

Join the movement to spread love and positivity during these unprecedented times.

Follow the instructions below:

1. Download and print the poster/s of your choice (we recommend you choose the language/s you study and select either the colour-in option or the ready-to-go version) 
Paperless submissions (either created using Photoshop or through holding up an iPad with the imagery on it) will also be gladly received. 

If you speak another language at home, please use the blank Unity Through Diversity poster and draw your flag inside the heart. In this case, don’t forget to translate Unity Through Diversity into your chosen language and add the country name below it.

Japanese here
Italian here
German here 
French here
Chinese here
Spanish here

Draw your own flag here

Japanese colour in here
Italian colour in here
German colour in here (Temporarily unavailable. Please check back later.)
French colour in here
Chinese colour in here
Spanish colour in here

2. Take a photo of your head and shoulders as you hold the poster, and send it to lauram@igssyd.nsw.edu.au so she can publish it on our public IGS social media channels and website.

3. Spread the word and watch our movement grow!

We look forward to sharing updates on how many people have seen our message and how far and wide our united message of Unity Through Diversity has travelled around the world.

We hope this small act of kindness will go a long way to bring joy and love at a time of isolation. Let’s see how many people we can reach!

Our IGS staff have led the way. We thank Deputy Principal Students and Campus Life Mary Duma for launching this initiative and our staff for who have led the way on this beautiful, global project.

See our campaigns reach here.

See the images below!

Send your image through now and involve your whole family.

Thank you for joining our IGS Flashmob!