Understanding the university admissions process

IGS Careers Advisor Amelia Phillips offers her expertise on maximising opportunities at university.

“It’s important that senior students understand how the university admissions process works so they can maximise their chances to receive an offer to study at university,” said IGS Careers Advisor Amelia Phillips.

“There are several offer rounds throughout the year.”

Key dates

The main offer rounds for our Class of 2020 entering uni in 2021 or after a gap year are:
● 8 November: Deadline for changing preferences for the Schools Recommendations
Scheme (SRS)
● 12 November: First round of early offers made through the SRS
● 23 December: December Round 2 offers announced
● 8 January: January Round 1 offers announced.

How to order preferences

The best way to maximise chances of an offer is for the student to list the course they would most like to study at the top of their list of preferences, Amanda advises.

“As each student can only receive one offer during each round, it’s important to order
preferences to optimise their opportunities,” she said.

“If your child receives an offer for their first preference, they should accept the offer. Then, if they wish to change their preference, they can then remove their first preference and seek a new preferred course before the closing date for the next offer round.

“Remember, if your child receives an offer for their first preference in an offer round, they
won’t be considered for their lower preferences in subsequent offer rounds unless they
change their preferences.

“If your child receives an offer to a lower preference in an offer round, they’ll automatically be considered for their higher preferences in subsequent rounds. 

“Therefore, the first course on the list should be the one that they would most like to study.”

Please visit UAC offer round FAQs for further information and check the closing date for ordering preferences for each offer round.