Understanding ancient warfare ways

Year 12 Ancient History students recently had an exciting day at Sydney Regatta Centre, experiencing some of the tactics and methods employed in warfare during 5th and 4th Centuries BC, both on land and sea.

“The excursion consisted of an intensive introduction to the foundational concepts of warfare during this period, related to the students’ historical period and personality elective topics,” said HSIE Educator Alexander Westcott.

“Students participated in a ‘learn to row’ program to help them start thinking about the importance of teamwork and how much skill was required to be a rower in the ancient world, thus dispelling the slave-chained-to-oar myth.

“They also were given a workshop on land warfare in the same period, what kind of weapons and armour were used, and how important moving in formation was.”


Broadening conceptualisation beyond classwork, the hands-on activities provided an array of deeper learning opportunities.


“The experience was enriching and enjoyable and I grew not just as a history student, but as a person,” said Dylan.

“The rowing helped with historical context, it was fun!” added Dilhan.