Top result for IGS Year 10 accelerant

IGS Year 11 student Ella Engelhardt feels relieved to have already completed two units of her HSC studies (German Continuers) in 2018 as a Year 10 student, and is pleased with her top result.

Ella was one of 14 IGS students accelerated in Languages, but the only student of Year 10 to do so. Ella, along with IGS Head Girl 2019 Siena Scott-Hickie, achieved the highest result of 96, an outstanding achievement.

“Having two units done and dusted before Year 11, is probably why I am so happy about having been given this opportunity,” Ella said.

“I know that it could have also been quite a negative experience, but I was lucky that I had an extremely supportive and family-like class of Year 11s and 12s which made it a lot easier, and showed me that my age certainly didn’t influence my capability in understanding and taking part in class discussions and work.”

Ella shared that her main tip for other students studying languages is “immersion”, and is grateful for the exchange opportunities IGS offers.

“Without understanding the people and traditions that created a language it is impossible to understand every nuance and meaning,” she said.

“I am of course in a really fortunate situation, having a German speaking household in an English speaking society, but everyone can find a way to immerse themselves in the culture and improve their language skills.

“Simply speaking the language in conversation really helps you get used to communicating and vastly expands your vocabulary, and this is why exchanges are such a valuable tool.”

What Ella enjoys most about learning a language is “the community you get to become part of”.

“Learning a foreign language is like unlocking a treasure chest full of culture,” she said.
“Whether it be the foods, the traditions, the country itself, or the people, you are guaranteed to feel welcomed and experience something new.”

Ella shared her gratitude for her German Teacher Dorothee Sarnes-Trupke, as well as all of her language teachers throughout her 13 years at IGS.

Ella with Ms Sarnes-Trupke

“Ms Sarnes-Trupke made sure every student in our small class of 12 was able to thoroughly comprehend the material and techniques taught to us, which led to an enjoyable class atmosphere and helped us all do our best,” she said.

“All of my language teachers have supported my learning intensively and that was no different during this period of time.”
After completing her HSC in 2020, Ella hopes to return to northern Germany.

“I know that it will greatly challenge my vocabulary. I really look forward to applying the skills and knowledge I have built up throughout the years.”