Top performance

A group of Drama students in Years 9 to 11 travelled to the Sydney Opera House earlier this week to see Top Girls.

Students attended a pre-performance talk and enjoyed a Q&A session with the cast at the conclusion of the play.

“The students gained so much insight about the play and the issues that still persist today,” said IGS Director of Dramatic Arts Rita Morabito.

“It was fabulous that Imara Savage, the Director of Caryl Churchill’s play, recognised her former Drama teacher, IGS Head of Year 12 and Drama educator Ned Manning, in the audience.”

Students gave the excursion more than just two thumbs up. They were inspired to consider the underlying themes, issues and ideas, and admired the talent of actors and behind the scenes.

Siena of Year 11: “Top Girls was one of the best plays I’ve ever seen and it shined a light on historical feminist issues that are still relevant today. Its ability to create more questions than it answered kept the audience captivated the entire two hours.”

Beau of Year 11: “Top Girls is a very thought provoking play which invoked ideas about the meaning of success. Interestingly, ideas and perceptions about success have changed over time.”

Christina of Year 11: “Top Girls was a great play that starred impressive, persuasive and strong-willed female actors who depicted their various statuses perfectly.”

Anika of Year 11: “Brilliant comedic timing and complex characters, which sat alongside the bone-chilling moments of seriousness and sadness.”

Zachary of Year 11: “The overlapping dialogue was engrossing.”