Tompkins family reflects on IGS

IGS parents Ursula and Andrew Tompkins thanked IGS for helping to shape their son into an "incredible young man" with "compassion, integrity and amazing knowledge".

Class of 2021 student Eliot Tompkins joined IGS in Year 2 and attended with his sister Sita (2018).

“My first impression of the School was the size and how modern it was,” Ursula said.

“The classrooms looked well equipped and the Arts, Music, Drama and Design and Technology related spaces were impressive.

“At the introductory assembly I was impressed with the organisation of the process and the humour of the teachers.

“I was also impressed with the respect the students showed their teachers and the feeling of ‘all in this together’ from the get-go.

“Eliot was a bright boy from a very early age. He used to answer multiplication questions when he was three that I was directing to his older sister when we were out in the car.

“I felt he needed to be in a school that embraced learning plus the ability to be immersed in languages and music, as he was taking piano lessons in Kindergarten.”

Ursula said she felt confident in her decision to move Eliot to IGS in Year 2.

“Mr Bird’s interview and Eliot’s eagerness made the process a simple one. Financially there were sacrifices I had to make at home, but I knew it was so important for the foundations of his education and school life to be the best I could afford,” she said.

“Languages are very important to me. Eliot started Japanese classes in Year 2 and passed his HSC exam in Year 11. He also learned Spanish in Years 7 and 8.

“The School Clubs were amazing. Eliot moved from Chess, to fencing to Science Clubs. He took part in debating, master of the minds and Theatresports.”

Reflecting on the highlights during the family’s time at IGS, Ursula said she appreciated the way IGS teachers give extra time that “makes a world of difference to a result or outcome”. 

“It means so much to me. Having two children attend IGS there have been so many highlights. The teachers’ dedication and awards reinforce a sense of achievement,” she said.

“Eliot went to Space Camp in the USA. What a great time he had, and how great that these program’s are fully supported by the School.

“In recent times the mental strain on the children during COVID has been something that I would not have been able to manage without the assistance of the dedicated IGS team. I’m proud of Eliot and his friends for their endurance and how they treat and support each other in the IGS community.

“Our family lives were turned upside down recently, the support from Shauna, Lisa and all Eliot’s teachers gave me a huge amount of confidence that ‘things are going to be okay’.

“A good education is a necessity, but the humanity and happiness of a child is what keeps them moving forward into life after high school.”

We thank the Tompkins family and send every best wish to Eliot and his classmates as the end of their formal school approaches and they head out into the world.