Tokyo Olympics challenge

IGS Languages Teacher Noriko Yamanaka, inspired by the pictogram performance at the Tokyo Olympics Opening Ceremony, has created her own Olympics Challenge for students.

Year 5 Japanese students recreated the pictograms for the 50 Olympic sports.

The choreography was based on the concept of appear, static and disappear,” Noriko said.

“It made me wonder how I could incorporate this into the Remote Learning for Year 5 Japanese students.

“I set up an ‘Olympics Challenge’ and asked the students to create a 10-second pictogram performance using speech, language and movement. They could also involve siblings in the performance. I asked them to record their Challenge on video.

“The results were amazing! I saw some very creative work and the students seemed to really enjoy the process.”

Students in Years 1 and 2 Japanese classes also participated in an Olympics activity. They were asked to create an Olympic symbol using materials they had at home.

“The children loved to do show and tell presentations on their creations.”