Together at home

In Early Learning Blue, children have been considering togetherness when apart from friends and loved ones.

The children listened to the story Rainbows in Windows and started a project called How to be close to our friend at home.

“We have talked in our small groups about how we miss some of our schoolmates, but also how we miss going out for play-dates and birthday parties,” said Early Childhood Teacher Elena Palmitessa.

“It was a good opportunity for some children to voice concerns and doubts and also find reassurance from the words of their peers and educators. 

“We started creating a mural that we will put on our window. The children will be invited on Friday to find a meaningful message that will be written in front of our rainbow for our friends and to all the people at home.

“We also started the wall ‘Together at Home’ where children share pictures of activities and adventures they have done with their family.”