Tips for HSC success shared with students and parents

Mind trainer Derek Leddie from Out of Your Mind, who works with elite athletes, has shared a host of tips for success with the IGS Class of 2018 HSC students and their parents.

Derek, guest speaker at the University of Sydney session in the Refectory, explained that the HSC was similar to high pressure sports competitions in that it was a duration test and that “over worry” could cause poor performance.

Instead, it was important to relieve stress regularly, physically through exercise, and mentally, by discussing frustrations then “letting it go”.

Derek, whose son Dyon completed his HSC at International Grammar School in 2016, shed light on both the parent and student experience.

He asked students to stand and repeat “I believe in me,” and their parents to tell them, from the heart, that they believed in their sons and daughters.

Parents needed to understand that when their son or daughter sounded angry or upset it really meant “I need some help; I’m scared; this is tough.”    

Students needed to understand that when parents asked how their study was going, they really meant “I care for you and I support you.”

He recommended that students and parents continue to create a relationship of trust and safety.

Other tips were for students to accept their long-term challenge of the HSC and to have high expectations of themselves.

Having an attractive study environment and something to look forward to every few weeks was also recommended.

Alumni Chloe Fryar (2007) and Nina Fletcher, Frances Pickle Howe and Sasha Gonzalez-Malcom from the IGS Class of 2017 spoke frankly of their own HSC experiences, including how they had paced themselves.

The event was part of a week of IGS opportunities helping students prepare for their HSC year.

IGS student Davis Evans said the week was helping him transition successfully from Year 11 to Year 12.

“The whole week has been very beneficial,” said fellow student Jude Samir, adding that he felt it would improve the way he studied and help him maximise his HSC results.

Elizabeth Grasso said she found the professional advice very helpful, and Alexandra Miletta and Ruby Keeler-Milne described the week as “really motivating”.