Tiger Christensen: LGBTQ + Aboriginal Mental Health

Tiger Christensen chose Aboriginal Studies because it was a mixture of creative and content based work. He also wanted the opportunity to learn about Aboriginal culture.

“The Stolen Generations is something that you hear about a lot in Australia, but it is usually from a white perspective or at least filtered through a white perspective. In class, I got to understand the impacts and implications such events had on the Aboriginal populations then and now,” Tiger said.

“My project was an investigation into the experiences of queer Aboriginal people with mental health issues and the services they are provided. I first looked at the mental health statistics for queer people and Aboriginal people compared to the rest of the Australian population, and then I looked into the services catered specifically towards the intersection between the communities and reached out to as many as I could,” he said.

“I also reached out to individuals in the community and conducted interviews where I asked their opinions on the resources available to their community and their own experience with mental health.

“Once I had enough consultations I compiled them onto a website and evaluated the response.”