Thinking about Philosophy

A dozen Year 7 students attended the recent Australasian Philosophical Conference.

A guest speaker from Trinity College in Cambridge explored justice, Maths and beauty, and students learnt about the theory of the Big Bang. There were also a number of debates and discussions.

“I particularly enjoyed the first lecture and how we were able to learn in a new environment,” said Jack. “It was about justice and truth, displayed in a new, enticing way.”

“It was really interesting, and I am grateful to have the opportunity to attend,” said Coco.

“I enjoyed this interesting experience,” said Francis. “It helped me to learn more about philosophy.”

“At the latter end of the day, two of our philosophers shared their opinions on whether it is right to kill people, referring to euthanasia and abortion,” said Talullah and Henry.

All Year 7 students at IGS have been studying Philosophy with Dr Britta Jensen since the start of 2018, and students from other years enjoy Philosophy Club. Find out more here and here