Therese Briganti

IGS Year 11 student Therese Briganti who undertook accelerated HSC subjects, has achieved second in the State in Italian Extension and fifth in the State in Italian Continuers.

“Italian is a subject that means a lot to me,” Therese said. “I put in a lot of work so I’m really happy that I did well.”

“I’ve been learning Italian for almost 10 years; I have a real passion for it now. I was very lucky. I’ve had amazing teachers and the support and guidance was incredible. It was one of the best years for Italian for me.

“I tried to make my study really consistent. I did a little bit every day. I found ways to study that I enjoyed, like watching something, reading or listening to music.”

Therese said studying Italian as an accelerated HSC student meant she developed a sense of what the HSC would be like.

“I feel so much more prepared for Year 12,” she said.

“It’s good to get a feel for the stress that you’re going to experience. It showed me that I can really enjoy it, it didn’t have to be something to be scared of. It showed me that it can be a really good valuable experience and that you don’t have to think of it as just being an exam. You can’t put a number on everything I felt that I had learned.

“I knew that this was my one chance to put everything I had learned after so many years into practice. I really wanted to get results. I wanted to keep working really hard to show how much I appreciate everything I have been learning, all my teachers, and all the help they have given me.” 

Congratulations, Therese!