Therese Briganti featured in Italian media

IGS Class of 2021 student Therese Briganti was recently featured in Italian newspaper Il Globo.

“I really owe the opportunity to my Italian teacher Prof Casu,” said Therese, who accelerated in Italian with impressive results.

Therese achieved second in the State in Italian Extension in 2020, and fifth in the State in Italian Continuers. Read more.

“Following my experience with accelerated HSC Italian continuers and extension last year, she organised for a journalist from the In Classe section of Il Globo to contact me.

“This section of the paper is concerned with the teaching and learning of Italian in Australia, so we thought my story of developing such an immense passion for Italian would be of interest.” 

The article features Therese’s experience learning Italian from Primary School, and includes advice on how to prepare for the HSC.  

“I also discuss what it was like to be the Languages Leader of IGS, and how it has allowed me to share my passion for learning languages with others,” Therese said.

“It was so exciting to see the interview published in print. It’s always been a bit of a dream of mine to have something published, so I was really delighted. We sent a copy to my grandmother who is Italian, and she was thrilled to see that I’ve had the opportunity to honour our family’s heritage.”

We thank Professor Casu for her translations, below.

See the article below and read it online here.


We also congratulate Therese for receiving an early University offer to study a Bachelor of Communications (Social and Political Sciences) and Bachelor of International Studies at UTS.

“I was overjoyed when I saw the email in my inbox that I had been accepted for early entry. A part of me wasn’t really expecting it, and I couldn’t stop smiling. It’s such a relief to have this spark of certainty in a year which has been so unpredictable,” Therese said.

“At the moment I’m considering a few career paths. I’m very interested in working in education, teaching either Italian, English, or English as a second language. Recently I’ve also been looking into the possibility of a career in diplomacy, and I really would love to work for the UN one day. I have also wanted to be a writer for as long as I can remember, so I’ll definitely find a way to honour that too.

“I’ve been completely inspired by my time at IGS to pursue these careers. It’s strange to think about, but my personality, passions, and general course of life would be completely different if I’d never come to this school. I have been very inspired by the focus on languages, and how students are encouraged to develop a global mindset and cultural awareness. I think this is what has driven me towards pursuing a diplomatic career.”

Therese said she has been fortunate to have been taught by numerous talented, dedicated teachers at IGS, who have also inspired her chosen career path.

“I’ve been inspired to teach in a way that is supportive both to students’ academic progress and their general wellbeing,” she said.

“What I’ve always loved about IGS is that it is an environment that nurtures creativity and encourages individuality. Students are supported tirelessly in discovering and pursuing their own interests.

“I’ve also always appreciated how IGS is filled with truly kind, approachable, and supportive people, both students and staff. This has been invaluable, especially this past year.”

Translations from Il Globo:

Why have you chosen Italian? What do you like about Italian?
I was seven years old when I started studying Italian and my parents made the decision. My dad is of Italian origin and it was important for me that I could have the opportunity to learn this language and know its culture. I became passionate about Italian and studying it is a real pleasure. I like the sound of the Italian language, it looks more musical and vibrant than English. Learning Italian gives me a big satisfaction. Obviously, studying a foreign language requires lots of patience but it is really worth it because it gave me the chance to immerse myself in a new rich culture and the ability to see with different eyes.

What are your plans for your future?
I have thousand aspirations. I am thinking of going to University and I will keep studying Italian. I also would like to study some global subjects and English. Lastly, I would like to be a Language teacher or an English teacher and it would be nice to be a writer.

Tell us about your experience as “Ambassador of Languages” at IGS.
It is a very rewarding experience. I have many opportunities to talk to younger students and I can instill in them the value of learning a foreign language, something I really care about. I also help to organise some educational activities to show that learning a language and a new culture can be very fun.

What do you suggest to students that are sitting the Italian HSC this year?
I think it is necessary to study regularly for the exam. It is useful to practise every day, only 20 minutes are enough. By doing that, it is possible to get closer to the exam calm and confident, because I think we can do our best only when we are very self-confident. It is also important to find pleasant ways of studying. For instance, it could be a good idea to watch Italian movies or listen to Italian music. Actually, I think these are great ways to learn new words and authentic structures.

Have you ever been to Italy?
I have been to Italy only once, when I was 8. I went visiting my extended family that live in Carpineto Romano, in Lazio. Unfortunately I cannot remember too much of my experience. I would like to go back to Italy one day because I have the impression that I can enjoy better an experience like that now that I have developed a deeper understanding of the Italian language.