Theatresports champs produce heartwarming finale

IGS students crafted a heartfelt scene at the Theatresports competition on Monday night and secured their spot in the next round.

After going up against eight other schools, the IGS group scored second place and are now preparing for the semi finals.

Students Coco, Madiba, Stirling, Oliver and Hugo treated the audience to a number of delightful scenes at the competition on Monday 13 May.

IGS alumna and Theatresports coach Queenie Colquhoun said their work included a war between cockroaches and exterminators and singing and dancing bees.

But Queenie said it was the final scene of the night that really blew away the judges.

“A beautifully crafted piece showing a family torn apart by divorce coming together and reuniting, a magnificent story of reconciliation and forgiveness,” she said.

“The scene was so fantastic and heartfelt that IGS was awarded a perfect score by the judges.

The team is commended on their dedication to Theatresports and their energy and commitment, which never faltered throughout the evening.”

Madiba said the result has left him feeling “over the moon”.

“Ever since Year 7 I’ve wanted to take part in a Theatresports competition and now I have the amazing opportunity to go to the next round,” Madiba said.

Stirling said the team knew where the scene was going from the moment it began “which is very rare for improv.”

“From here on we will be working hard a couple times a week to reach the level of nationals and above.”