Effort and enthusiasm boost results for Zara

Year 12 student Zara Upfold reflects on the journey that led to her HSC success.

Feelings of relief swept over Zara as she viewed her HSC results to find that she had scored a 48 out of 50 in English Extension 2, translating to a Band 6 among other great results. 

After receiving the results Zara said, “I felt really relieved, it felt like the final pieces of the high school puzzle have been fitted and I can go on and continue my journey.”

According to Zara the keys to success for her were continuous effort and choosing subjects she really cared about, especially ones that involved a major work which she could put a lot of time and passion into creating.

Zara believes it was this consistency and choice of subjects that really helped her succeed.

“I chose subjects I care about, especially subjects that have major works that meant I could put a lot of passion and time into creating things I’m proud of.”

Since receiving her results Zara has decided that she would like to go to university to study a double degree in Communications and Arts, in hope of a career as an academic Journalist in the future. 

When asked what advice she would give to the next Year 12 students she said, “I would tell them to prioritise their mental health first, to enjoy the year as it is and take the time to enjoy each moment and not just purely focus on what happens at the end.”

We wish Zara and all of the IGS Class of 2020 all the best for their future endeavours!