The joy of culture

Year 5 Italian have been exploring a range of cultural perspectives.

“All Language Teachers would agree that presenting cultural perspectives to their language classes is an absolute joy,” says Assistant Head of Junior School Languages Annamaria Ferragina.

“Having the opportunity to present in Italian, a detailed analysis of Japanese culture has been a great honour.”

In Term 3, Year 5 Italian students have delved into the world of Japanese culture through a range of hands-on Japanese themed activities such as cooking, artworks and home decorating.

“Each week students have compared Italian and Japanese cultural aspects, and made connections with their prior knowledge of Japan, Italy and Australia.

Difference is beautiful

“Consequently, students are working towards a deep understanding of the main theme of the unit, Differente é bello,” she said.

“During Zoom sessions, students have shared knowledge and recollections from a wide range of topics such as martial arts, Aboriginal sports, Astro Boy and Hanami.

“The progression of this unit is rewarding and allows students to further develop their appreciation of different cultures and customs.”