The Jewellers’ Jam

The IGS Design Centre remains a hive of activity in and out of class time, hosting a range of creative clubs at lunch times.

Art and Design teacher Hannah Fenton describes her jewellery making club, The Jewellers’ Jam, as “a good introduction”.

“Making jewellery takes a lot of care and attention and patience. It’s so personalised.”

Beginning with work inspired by UK jewellery designer Tatty Devine, who works with perspex, and using the lazer cutter students are making their own rings and pendants.


By the end of the term they hope to be carving wax and casting rings and pendants.

The students have been using Adobe Illustrator, then cutting prototypes out of fibre board, to test and refine the shapes and sizes.

“Acrylic is cheap, so you can make big, fun items. Nothing can be too petite or it can snap into nothingness.

“With clever design you can mix and match pieces of different colours, to make many different items at a reasonable cost.”

Olivia Stewart of Year 9: “For a while now I have been quite interested in making jewellery. It’s really chill and casual and fun.”

India Quayle of Year 10: “My Aunt makes jewellery, and I was always fascinated with her jewellery. She does metalwork. She makes rings and necklaces and has an Etsy store. Her designs are really pretty.”

Coco Messiter of Year 9: “I always had an interest in designing things and I thought jewellery would be something new, as I’ve always worked with textiles.”